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Creating timeless experiences through games, comics, and (soon) cartoons!

Have you ever played an awesome game and wished someone made a comic or cartoon to go along with it? And they just never did! Or they did, and it ended up having nothing to do with the actual game!

I made Punkster to create original franchises that have a cohesive message across games, comics and cartoons! This should be the default of any creative franchise. And this can and should be done with high quality and attention to detail even on indie budgets! That's what I'm all about!

This is the image of the owner of Punkster Inc: Adrian B.

Hi! That's me, the owner of Punkster Inc: Adrian B.

I'm a programmer, artist and musician. In 14 years of professional programming, I became a senior software developer making a six figure income. But that didn't make me very happy, because I had to sideline art and music most of the time. So, in 2014 I started Punkster Inc so I could combine my passions for art, music and programming. I started learning Unity and making games. In 2016, I quit my day job altogether. I started over from scratch dedicating my full effort to this new dream. I'm now working hard learning how to run a business and make a living with my own creative works. Check out my projects below.

I also like helping out other aspiring indie devs. Making a living as an indie dev isn't easy. It takes patience and dedication. So check out my blog and get useful tips to make your own road easier. Yeah - learn from my mistakes. Make less of your own.

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